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Trustworthy & Dedicated Jewelry Manufacturer

Since 1997

With 23 years experience, Jewelry Touch's prominence, quality and reliability as China’s fashion jewelry manufacturer and exporter is amongst the country’s forefront. Our products extend from gold, 925 sterling silver, diamond, semi precious stones, CZ, Swarovski crystals to pearls in wide-ranging categories including charms, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, bangles and necklaces.

The Jewelry Touch Building, amidst Dong Guan in China, was where the tradition of high standards began. While cherishing our past, we certainly embrace the future. The relationships we share with each customer go far beyond the business level because we treat each customer as our friend and always ensure to place their concerns amongst our company’s top priorities. This is guaranteed by our distinguished customer base that extends world-wide.

Today, Jewelry Touch operates in two locations - Hong Kong head office and factories in Dong Guan, China. With more than 13 years of history in its making, Jewelry Touch continues to grow as a leader in the Jewelry Manufacturing Market. The claim to success is in the company's fundamentals: Quality, Service, Commitment and Price.


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Each piece of jewelry has been meticulously crafted using advanced techniques that ensure premium quality. Our scrupulous attention to details is the main foundation that allows us to create sophisticated designs with subtle yet aesthetically pleasing elements intricately. Offering distinctive yet sophisticated jewelry is our forte.

Through our global gemstone sourcing expertise, we get the qualified grade stones with precise cuttings and adorn them on our intricately designed pieces with perfection. The standard is ensured through hand-picking each stone and matching them to customer needs. Our team work determinedly to source gemstones from gemstone mine and cutter across the globe and negotiating for the best price to pass on to the customers.

With near a quarter century worth of experience, we offer a level of craftsmanship that the world class standards are achieved. Our timeless designs with impeccable finish speak for themselves. Our craftsmen and quality commitment have allowed us to become the finest jewelry provider in China.

We strive to deliver quality. To ensure excellence, we carry out comprehensive and thorough quality checks during the various manufacturing processes. The systems in place are advanced and can trace back to each part and raw material or each batch or production process to early identify problem and improve quality control. By guaranteeing that each step meets our standard of excellence, we create perfection.

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