Why you need to private label jewelry

Fashion Jewelry business is a competitive industry, especially you are wholesaling the same products as others. Customers cannot differentiate your jewelry from your competitors, therefore price will be a key and most of the times you have to sacrifice your profit in order to compete. 

Having your own design or brand image will make your look outstanding in comparing to competitors. You can catch the latest fashion trend and develop our own design. In such way, owning a private label jewelry does matters.

As a result, this is vital by customizing new styles, which allows you to avoid a price war and your customers can focus on other aspects such as design and quality of your brand. It leads to build the satisfaction and royalty of your customers. Once a virtuous cycle is established, your customers will understand that your jewelry are fashionable and with quality, which leads a success to your business. 

There are 5 tips on how to customize and private label fashion jewelry from China. Click the heading below and it will navigate you to the according section.

1.    Ready-to-made jewelry design or Concept ideas only
2.    Choose materials for your fashion jewelry
3.    8 Steps of jewelry making process
4.    Logo tag for jewelry
5.    Private label jewelry packaging


1. Ready-to-Made Jewelry Design or Concept Ideas Only

You can come to us with your ready-made jewelry design with your technical drawings either in 2D or 3D. A standard technical drawings will include information such as base material, product dimension, chain styles, stone information etc. An estimated for development cost and unit cost quotation can be provided if so.

A new entrant of jewelry business may have no experience in jewelry design and making. They may inspired by the new market trends and would like to build similar style with slightly improving the design or upgrading the material. This also bring you different from your competitors. By sending the photo to us with the product dimension, our company can provide you a prelim quote for your consideration.


2. Choose Materials for Your Private Label Jewelry

Choosing from the different types of jewelry metals for your special piece is an important decision. And the more you know about how each metal performs, feels, wears and looks, the better your choice will be.

The decision of material is greatly depends on your product market positioning. Do you prefer the luxury adorable expensive gold, platinum and diamond for your private label fine jewelry. Or it can be more affordable material such as silver or brass. 

You can refer to our article Top 7 Jewelry Materials Used in Jewelry Making Supplies, it introduces the Top 7 most common materials for jewelry. Click it to get more information.

Gold/ Platinum/ Diamond for Fine Jewelry